Do You Remember……..

Those storms in the Lake District last winter, that saw villages without power for weeks. It looked grim, no heating, cold food, no internet and dead mobile phones. Brrrr.

We are fortunate that we have not been affected – so far. But such incidents raise questions: How would we cope? How can we help the most vulnerable residents? What resources have we got to help? We need a plan

Cuddington Parish Council, in common with other parishes within Chester West and Chester has started to prepare a Resilience Plan for the village. We are being guided in the production of the Resilience Plan by CWAC who have provided guides and examples for us to follow and a contact within the authority to assist us. Cllr Gillian Edwards is a member of the small working party we have established.

The purpose of the Resilience Plan is to identify those resources that exist in the village that could be brought into use in a timely and co-ordinated manner should an emergency or catastrophic situation occur. Resources can be people, organisations, buildings, equipment, transport, or specialised knowledge. Using resources in a timely co-ordinated way will ensure the resources we have will be used in the most effective way to assist villagers.

The most revealing part of the planning process will be finding out what resources we have in the village and could they be brought into use, if necessary. Do we have any First Aiders? Has someone got a tractor to drag trees away. Which of the village halls can we bring into use to provide emergency shelter?

The Parish Council hopes you will get on board and assist us in the process of identifying resources. We will also be appealing directly to villagers who have specialist knowledge and skills to get involved.

We know that many organisations and businesses help the most vulnerable in the village, the recent COVID lockdowns demonstrated that, and your experience and knowledge will be vital to the success of the Plan.

We would like to invite residents, businesses and organisations to a village meeting on Monday 24th October 2002 in the Village Hall, Norley Rd, starting at 6 o’clock in the evening.

There is a long way to go but having prepared the plan we will then be in a position to work quickly and efficiently with CWAC, First Responder Services and utility companies should the village be in a difficult situation and needs to cope on its own for a period of time.

Most importantly ensure that the most vulnerable are not left without help.

Need more information, please contact

Julie Chrimes – Clerk to the Council
Tel: 01606 852444 / 07454 895 099

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